People's Daily commentary hints at building firewall for HK elections

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On Tuesday, Jan. 12, 微信公众号 “人民日报评论” the official account of the commentary desk of the People’s Daily on WeChat released a scathing criticism (CHN) against Hong Kong’s current election system, saying it became “a tool for bad actors who undercut national security and disrupt Hong Kong’s prosperity.”

The commentary also prescribed a more stringent built-in firewall to fend off “disrupters of Hong Kong.”

The commentary itself highlighted some sentences in boldface and you will find them below.

The commentary explicitly expressed that there are flaws with Hong Kong’s current election system, asking


How did Hong Kong elections became a tool for anti-China, HK-disrupting actors who undercut national security and disrupt Hong Kong’s prosperity?

The commentary also went on to list a series of actions that


have seriously betrayed the principle of fair and just elections, challenged Hong Kong SAR’s constitutional order, disrupted and sabotaged Hong Kong’s democratic election system and have been a provocation against Hong Kong’s Basic Law and the Hong Kong national security law.

The commentary, in directly calling out outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a couple of U.S. funded NGOs, said


More worrying still, is that foreign anti-China forces have long sought to get involved in Hong Kong’s elections, to interfere with Hong Kong’s political affairs for their own gains.


Elections should have yielded public servants that serve the city’s people, but now the elections have been won by pawns of foreign forces, how is that not enraging?


Hong Kong’s election must adheres to the principle and red line of “those who love the country and Hong Kong shall manage Hong Kong, those who are anti-China and disrupts Hong Kong shall be out of the game.“

In the last paragraph, the commentary laid out perhaps the most key message:


For those who plans to manipulate the elections, or collude with foreign powers to interfere with elections, aside from cracking down on them in accordance to law, there should also erect a comprehensive barrier in the system, to deny chances to these people of stealing the power of governance of Hong Kong SAR.

The commentary coincided with a Reuters exclusive story that quoted sources - including one who Reuters described as "a senior Chinese official" - as saying that Hong Kong’s election may “face reforms.”

Following the commentary, which is not found in the People’s Daily printed edition, the Hong Kong-based 大公报 Ta Kung Pao newspaper, published a report (CHN) entitled

政界倡选举设审查机制 DQ乱港分子

Political sector advocates establishing a review mechanism for elections, DQ (disqualifying) Hong Kong disruptive elements

The Ta Kung Pao report went on to quote multiple experts and political figures, with detailed suggestions, calling for


"Patriots governing Hong Kong" a bottom line that cannot be crossed

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