Beijing‘s consensus with Washington on media issues

Good news for journalists

On Tuesday evening Beijing time, China News Service published the following article in Chinese (pasted at the end):

According to information from relevant departments, China and the United States reached three points of consensus on media issues before the video meeting between the heads of state on November 16th.

First, the two sides mutually guarantee that current resident journalists can travel normally to and from each other's countries under the premise of complying with anti-epidemic regulations.

The second is the U.S. side's commitment to issue one-year multiple-entry visas for Chinese journalists and will immediately start domestic procedures to resolve the issue of visas for Chinese journalists. The Chinese side, on the other hand, will, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, grant the same visa and length of stay treatment to U.S. media reporters in China once the U.S. policy measures are in place.

Third, both sides will reciprocally approve visas for new resident journalists in accordance with laws and regulations.

For a long time, Chinese journalists in the U.S. have held only single-entry visas, which is very inconvenient. When some Chinese journalists return to their home country for meetings or family visits, they encounter great difficulties returning to their posts in the U.S.

On the treatment of each other's media in each other countries, the two sides for more than a year conducted arduous consultations with both struggles and cooperation, which can be described as 不打不相识 "out of blows friendship grows/no discord, no concord". Reaching the current three points of consensus is not easy, which is good news for journalists on both sides, but also reflects the new normal of reciprocity and parity between the United States and China.

As long as both sides communicate calmly and in the spirit of mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit, it is possible to accomplish something mutually beneficial. It is hoped that the cooperation between China and the United States will bring more good news to the media of both countries. (End)


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The article published by China in the Chinese language: