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Bloomberg News (March 2021) and The Guardian (July 2021) briefly profiled your Pekingnologist with photos. Recommendations of Pekingnology can be found from time to time on China Twitter.

My name is Zichen Wang. I’m the founder of Pekingnology. After earning a bachelor’s degree, I started working with Xinhua News Agency, China’s national newswire, since July 2011, having been based in Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau, Shandong Provincial Bureau, European Regional Bureau, and then Beijing headquarters. I have earned quite some internal commendations at Xinhua as well as from its outside.

I bought www.pekingnology.com to direct to this site. But Pekingnology, the name of the newsletter, is a spelling mistake. I meant to write Pekingology. When I was told about the spelling mistake, it was too late to change it.

In the spirit of full disclosure, and this may be (purposefully) provocative: it is up to you to read and decide if Pekingnology is “CCP external propaganda.” Here are some tweets for your consideration.

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Since many readers are foreign professionals on the highest end of China watching, reporting, investing, lawyering, and policy-making, it’s an immense challenge to translate and write in English on China for you. It’s like playing basketball for Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, or swimming for Michael Phelps.

And that’s what keeps me awake at night. Feedback and suggestions for corrections are most welcome at zichenwanghere AT gmail DOT com

This newsletter does NOT represent the views of Xinhua, “Chinese media,” or “China.” You’re kindly asked to include something to that effect - and preferably a web link - if Pekingnology is honored to be quoted by you.

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