Thank you for subscribing to Pekingnology, probably the first (but no longer only) English-language newsletter focusing on China news and analysis by who Twitter calls “China State-affiliated Media” writer(s), in a PERSONAL, UNPAID initiative.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Zichen Wang, the founder of Pekingnology, has been employed by Xinhua News Agency, China’s state news agency, since July 2011, having been based in Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau, Shandong Provincial Bureau, European Regional Bureau, and Beijing headquarters.

Pekingnology, the name of the newsletter, is a spelling mistake by Zichen, who meant to write Pekingology. He even bought to direct to this site.

Now, this may be too (purposefully) provocative, but: it is up to you to read and decide if Pekingnology is “CCP external propaganda,” and if you should voluntarily subscribe to it and - hopefully - can’t help but read it regularly.

You probably have had some sense with the approach of this newsletter by now.

Over 1,100 people, among them many diplomats, correspondents, editors, think-tankers, professors, lawyers, investors, and others with well-known affiliations already did. Some of them have written to or tweeted Zichen to express their appreciation and recommendation of Pekingnology.

Since the readers are foreign professionals on the highest-end of China watching, reporting, investing, lawyering, and policy-making, it’s an immense challenge to write in English on China for you. It’s like playing basketball for Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or swimming for Michael Phelps.

And that’s what keeps Zichen awake at night. Feedback and suggestions for corrections are most welcome to Pekingnology’s inbox

You can find Zichen Wang on Twitter. He alone is responsible for the content here, which does NOT represent the views of Xinhua or anybody else. You’re kindly asked to include something to this effect - and preferably a web link - if Pekingnology is honored to be quoted by you.

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